Receive Email Reminders Using Free Nudgemail

It would be so much better if someone would send you an email reminding you of various things you have to do in time. Just imagine, you get an email on your marriage anniversary telling you to buy flowers for your wife; or you get an email on Monday that you have to see your dentist in the afternoon. Well, nobody is going to send you email reminders but you can use the free Nudgemail service to set email reminders for yourself. Here is how :

You can use your favorite email client or web mail service to compose a new email. Type in the To email address field Type the time and/or date in the Subject field when you want to receive the reminder. You can type weekdays like Monday, date like 12Aug2011 etc. as the subject. To see a full list of time/date formats to be used, see NudgeMail CheatSheet.

Finally, in the body of the email, type your reminder message. And click Send button to send it. The following image shows a reminder I have set in Gmail for next Monday. Once I send this email to, I will receive the reminder email automatically the next Monday.

Nudgemail free email reminder service

When you set an email reminder, you instantly receive an email confirmation that your reminder has been set. You can also receive a status report by sending an email to with subject set as status. The following picture shows an example of confirmation email received when setting a reminder :

Nudgemail free email reminder service

If later you decide to delete all the reminders, then you can send an email to with subject set as delete-all. This would delete all the acting or pending reminders. If you are not happy with the Nudgemail service, you can send an email to

The free Nudgemail service is a fabulous email reminder service to maximize the productivity of your email address. You can get so much from your email address and turn it into a powerful reminder service by using Nudgemail. For more information about Nudgemail, you can visit their website at