Speed Up Your System with Free IObit Smart Defrag

One of the many reasons why a Windows system gets sluggish after some months of regular use is the fragmentation of files on the hard disk. This increases response time of your hard disk when you try to open a document or run a program in Windows, resulting in reduced performance. Although Windows 7 comes with a defragmenting program of its own, but it is not very efficient and is very slow at defragmenting a hard disk partition. Instead, you can use free IObit Smart Defrag to automatically and quickly defragment all the partitions on your hard disk. IObit Smart Defrag is an intelligent program which works automatically and quietly in the background on your system, keeping your hard disk running at its top speed.

You can download free IObit Smart Defrag from http://www.iobit.com/iobitsmartdefrag.html. The download is an installable setup file of around 4 MB in size. During the installation you are asked to install toolbars and various other programs which are not required to make Smart Defrag work; if you want, then you can click on the Skip button to skip installing them.

The main interface of the IObit Smart Defrag is very simple. You are shown all the partitions in your system, you can select one or more partitions and click on the Analyze button to analyze them. The analysis shows if that partition has fragmented files and whether it requires defragmentation. If it requires defragmentation, then you can choose to defrag it by clicking on the Defrag button.

IObit Smart Defrag

IObit Defrag has an advanced option called Automatic Defrag. If your system is turned on but you are not using it (when you system is idle), then Smart Defrag can start defragging the hard disk in the background quietly. You can disable or enable the automatic defrag for any partition on your system by clicking on the No or Yes in the Automatic Defrag column in the main Smart Defrag window as shown.

IObit Smart Defrag

Another exciting feature of IObit Smart Defrag is the Boot Time Defrag using which you can set any partition to defragment at the system boot. Using this feature, you can defragment even those system files which are not safe to move when Windows is running. You can choose to defragment hibernation files, pagefile, MFT and other system files. To enable or disable Boot Time Defrag for any partition just click on the Yes or No in the Boot Time Defrag column in Smart Defrag. To configure Boot Time Defrag options for a partition, select a partition in the list and then click on the Boot Time Defrag tab as shown.

IObit Smart Defrag

You can also schedule defragmentation of any partition using Smart Defrag. To schedule a defragmentation for a partition, click on the Settings link on the top-right in the main Smart Defrag window. This would open the Settings window. In the settings window, select Scheduled Defrag in the left side. Then you can turn on or off scheduling. You can also select the partitions and time for defragmenting them as shown.

IObit Smart Defrag

Not to mention that, in the same settings window you can choose a multitude of various options like automatic defrag settings, boot time defrag settings, skip larger files from defragmenting, auto-starting of Smart Defrag at Windows logon etc. among others.

IObit Smart Defrag is a free, fast, efficient and painless defragmentation tool for Windows that ensures that your system is always running at its top speed. it is a complete replacement for Windows own defrag program. It not only performs simple defragmentation but also optimizes the files by placing the most used files at the fastest area of the hard disk. So if you are tired of the sluggishness of your Windows system, its time to try IObit Smart Defrag.

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