Auto-change Windows Volume with Volume Concierge

You can play loud music on your computer but not all the time – you have to be careful not to disturb your family members and your neighbors in the early hours of the morning and the late hours of the night. You also have to keep in mind not to pump up the volume if you have infants or patients in your house taking rest. Though you can manually change the Windows system volume up or down, but an automatic volume changer would be better. Volume Concierge is a free program which can automatically change Windows system volume to a desired level at a pre-specified time.

When Volume Concierge runs for the first time, you would have to create a new volume rule by clicking on the Add new volume rule link in its main window as shown. A volume rule contains the desired volume level and the time when the volume has to be changes to that level. You have to go through the activation once by providing your e-mail address, before you can create any rule.

Volume Concierge - automatically change Windows volume

After you have created a new rule, you can turn it on or off by clicking on the toggle switch like button. You can alter the volume level and the time of any rule at any later time if you want. You can select if the rule has to be followed only on weekends, weekdays or all days of the week. If you no longer need a rule, then you can remove it by clicking on the Remove link next to it. You can create as many rules as you want. If two rules are conflicting in time, then latest ones would be turned off automatically.

You can also set Volume Concierge to automatically start with Windows. This option can be set during the installation. The main windows of Volume Concierge does not show auto-run options but you can right-click on the Volume Concierge notification area icon and select Enable Autorun to make it automatically start every time Windows starts.

Volume Concierge - automatically change Windows volume

You can download the free Volume Concierge from