Avoid Browser Hijacks with Browser Protect

One of the common symptoms of your system getting infected with malware is browser hijacking – your browser is taken over by the malware to redirect you to malicious sites in such a way that you cannot alter the browser settings. But now you can avoid browser hijacking problems using the free Browser Protect tool available for the three major web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. BrowserProtect is a browser anti-hijack solution to protect your browser against obtrusive attempts to hijack your browser settings like home page, search providers and address bar search.

You can download Browser Protect from http://www.browserprotect.org/. The download is an installable setup file of around 9 MB in size. Run this setup to install Browser Protect on your computer. After the setup is finished you are shown the main Browser Protect window displaying the protection status of the supported browsers.

Browser Protect - Avoid browser hiajcking

In the Settings tab of this Browser Protect window, you can choose which browsers to protect by placing a checkmark in front of the browsers in the list. You can also choose which hijacks to protect against like home page, toolbars, search providers, extensions etc.

Browser Protect - Avoid browser hiajcking

When a malware (or even a legitimate software) tries to alter the settings of your web browsers, you get a popup notification showing the changes made and asking your for the confirmation. You can choose to either confirm or block this change. If you think that the changes are being made by a malicious site or program, then you should block it and click on the Apply Actions.

Browser Protect - Avoid browser hiajcking

Browser Protect can help you avoid the silent installation of many toolbars that come packed with many freeware software. It can also save you from the big trouble of your browser getting hijacked by malicious software. So if you need extra protections against common browser hijacks, then give free Browser Protect a try.

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