Cartoonize Your Picture Online Using Befunky

If you want to draw a comic book style cartoon of yourself, then it is going to take some professional graphics editing skills in Photoshop. But if you use the Befunky online application, then all it takes is a few clicks. Befunky is an online application that can turn your pictures into outlined cartoons automatically without needing any manual editing on your part. You can upload your pictures to Befunky and use one of many available cartoon effects to cartoonize them. The following picture of Kate Beckinsale was cartoonized with Befunky.

Cartoonize your picture online with befunky

You can follow these easy steps to cartoonize your pictures using the free Befunky application :

  1. Visit in your web browser and choose the Apply Artsy Effects section.

    Cartoonize your picture online with befunky

  2. Upload your picture by clicking on the Upload button. It is recommended that you upload pictures with white or light background for best results. You can also upload the picture from facebook, a web site or your webcam. Then choose the Cartoonizer effect section from the list on the left side.

    Cartoonize your picture online with befunky

  3. The Cartoonizer effect section has two free effects – cartoonizer #1, and cartoonizer #2. It also has three premium effects which are paid-to-use effects. Click on any of the free cartoonizer effects on the left top in the Cartoonizer section and the selected effect would be applied to your picture. You can choose various effect related settings from a box near the effects list to fine tune how the effect is applied to your uploaded picture.

    Cartoonize your picture online with befunky

  4. Once you are satisfied with the output of the cartoonizer effect, you can either save the cartoonized picture to your hard disk by clicking on Save on top-right or print this picture by clicking on Print.

The Befunky online application is a free and fun way to add cartoon effects to your pictures. You can choose from two free cartoonizer effects and customize them to your like. You can cartoonize a picture of you with your friends in a group, print it out and decorate your room with it. So if you want some exciting funny cartoonized pictures of you, then just go ahead and befunky 🙂

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