Get Cash Back and Exclusive Coupons with ExtraBux

If you shop online a lot then you would be delighted to know that you can get your cash back and find exclusive coupons at almost all the major online shopping sites like Groupon, Walmart, Barnes and Nobles etc. ExtraBux is a browser add-on which flashes yellow notification bar showing the discounts, coupons and exclusive cash back offers available for an online shopping site as you visit that web site. As of now, the ExtraBux add-on is only available for the Mozilla Firefox web browser but an add-on for Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer would be released soon.

You can download and install the ExtraBux add-on for Firefox (or other browsers) by visiting the ExtraBux add-on web site. The installation process goes as usual and you have to restart the web browser for it to finish. When you visit a supported retailer’s web site, the notification bar of ExtraBux becomes visible showing the information about available cash back offers and coupons for that site. If you visit a non-supported online shopping site, the ExtraBux notification bar stays hidden. In the following picture, ExtraBux is showing information for the Walmart store.

ExtraBux - Get Cash Back and Exclusive Coupons

You can choose the Cash Back offers from this ExtraBux notification bar or you can choose the coupons available for the online shopping site. You have to login through your facebook account or you can create a free ExtraBux account before you can claim for these offers. These offers are available through ExtraBux only. When you shop through Extrabux at one of the trusted stores, they earn a sales commission on virtually anything you purchase from that store and pass the majority of this commission back to you as “Cash Back”.

ExtraBux - Get Cash Back and Exclusive Coupons

If you do not want to install the add-on (which has its own benefits), then you can just visit the ExtraBux web site and search for a product you want to shop online. The search results would list products from supported retailers along with the Cash Back offers and available coupons. You can also browse the ExtraBux web site for various products under a variety of categories.

ExtraBux - Get Cash Back and Exclusive Coupons

So if you are sick and tired of spending hours searching the web for the best prices, comparing items, shipping prices, cash back rates and hunting for coupons, then stop right now and start using ExtraBux. Extrabux brings in the hottest coupons, the best cash back rates, and millions of product listings from thousands of top online stores to help you quickly and easily get to the lowest prices on the web. Whether you are trying to find the lowest price on that sweet new Canon digital camera or you are looking for a deal on those shoes you have been eyeing at Nordstrom, ExtraBux can help you get there fast and cheap.

You can download the ExtraBux add-on from :