Stay Away from Fake Online Stores with Zscaler Safe Shopping

All the modern browsers today are armed with protections tools to warn you about phishing and scam sites. For example, Mozilla Firefox checks all the sites you visit with Google Safe Browsing database and warns you about any scam, phishing or malicious sites. But it is believed that these browsers do not block the fake online store sites which are being run by cyber-criminals ready to steal your sensitive information (like your credit card information). You can use the Zscaler Safe Shopping extension to get warned about such fake or compromised online stores. Zscaler Safe Shopping extension is available for all the modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari etc. It is designed by the well known cloud security company Zscaler Cloud Security. Here is how you can install and protect yourself with the Zscaler Safe Shopping :

  1. Visit one of the following ZScaler Safe Shopping links for your web browser. You would find the download link for the ZScaler Safe Shopping extension for your respective web browser on that page.
  2. Follow the installation steps for the extension which typically involve restarting the web browser. After restarting the web browser, your browser is being protected by the ZScaler Safe Shopping extension. In the Mozilla Firefox browser you would see the Zscaler icon added to the statusbar. You can click on this icon to toggle Zscaler Safe Shopping protection on and off.

    Zscaler Safe Shopping

  3. When you encounter a fake or compromised online store, the Zscaler Safe Shopping extension would flash a warning in the browser – telling you not to enter any sensitive information on that web site. You can test the Zscaler extension by visiting the web site The following screenshot shows how the Zscaler Safe Shopping warns you when you visit a fake or compromised online store in your browser.

    Zscaler Safe Shopping

The Zscaler Safe Shopping plugin is regularly updated with the latest information regarding compromised and fake online stores. It warns you when you visit one of these domains. The list of domains is checked and updated regularly through the Zscaler cloud security service. If you are a regular online shopper, then this extension is a must for you.