Turn Off the Lights and Watch the Video in Your Browser

When I was little my elder sister always told me to turn on the lights while watching the TV. But I always turned them off so I can better focus on the videos, TV shows or movies. Today we watch lots of videos on the internet using our computer screen but there are so many distractions on a video web site. Fortunately, there is a browser extension called Turn off the Lights which can help you turn off the lights around the video in your browser. This browser extension supports all the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari etc. This extension supports a multitude of video sites including Youtube, Vimeo, Megavideo etc. It also supports social networks like Facebook which have video features of their own.

After you have installed this Turn off the Lights extension in your web browser, you would see a lamp like icon in your browser toolbar. When watching a video on a supported video web site, just click on this lamp icon to turn off the lights and focus on the video. It gives focus to the video and makes it darker around the video. If no video is found then the whole page turns dark. The web page does not become totally dark so you can still see all the elements of a web site. If you click on this icon again, then the extension lamp is turned off and you would see the video in a regular web site without any dark effects.

Turn off the Lights extension

In the Options for this extension, you can set various options like opacity level, background color, fade in or fade out visual effects and many others. You can also enable the shortcut key from within the extension settings so that when you press Ctrl + Shift + L, it toggles the lamp on or off.

Turn off the Lights extension

So if you also want to relax and enjoy your favorite videos without wanting any distractions in your way, then you can try the Turn off the Lights extension. It supports all the major browsers and all the popular video and social networking web sites.

You can download the Turn off the Lights extension for all the supported web browsers from http://www.stefanvd.net/project/turnoffthelights.htm.