Update Windows Offline Using WSUS Offline Update

From time to time, I have to format my hard disk and re-install Windows. The real painful part of this is updating Windows with latest hotfixes and patches. This becomes a lengthy process if you have a slow internet connection. The WSUS Offline Update can make your life easy in situations like this. WSUS Offline Update lets you choose options for updating Windows, downloads the updates only once and creates an ISO image which you can use to update Windows later without using any internet connection.

Using WSUS Offline Update, you can update any computer running Microsoft Windows and Office safely, quickly and without an internet connection. You can download WSUS Offline Update from its website. The download is mere 1.4 megabyte. You can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file and run the UpdateGenerator.exe. This would start the WSUS Offline Update Generator program.

WSUS Offline Updat

In this window, you can choose various settings for downloading updates for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office (supports Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7, Server 2008 and 2008 R2, as well as Office 2007, 2007 and 2010). You can choose updates for various languages. You can choose options for including service packs, Microsoft Security Essentials etc. You also have the options for creating an ISO image or a USB disk. This is highly recommended to create an ISO image which you can burn to a blank CD or DVD. This is a CD/DVD image using which you can update your Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office.

WSUS Offline Updat

When it comes to updating offline, everything is straightforward. You can update using the program UpdateInstaller.exe. Just run it and allow in the UAC dialog to make changes to your computer. Then choose the updating options and click on the Start button. The update process would start and automatically install all the updates one-by-one.

So if you want to download updates only once and update alll your computers running Windows offline, then you should check WSUS Offline Update. You can download WSUS Offline Update from http://download.wsusoffline.net/.