WinScan2PDF : Scan Documents into PDF Format

Fortunately my Canon printer comes with a function that can automatically convert scanned documents and images into PDF files. But not all printers have this luxury. If you use one of those printers, then you know the pain of first scanning a document and then converting it into a PDF file using a third party tool. But WinScan2PDF can save you from all this trouble because it has the functionality to scan any document or image straight into a PDF format file.

WinScan2PDF is a freeware application for Windows. It is portable and comes only in 23 kilobytes of download size. It is designed by the SoftwareOK freeware and can be downloaded from their web site. It supports all versions of Windows starting from Windows 98 to the latest version Windows 7. Here are some of the notable features of WinScan2PDF :

  • It is very small in size – only 23 kilobytes
  • It has a very low CPU usage.
  • It can scan documents and save them as a pdf file
  • It supports multiple pages PDF output
  • Optional translation feature
  • It is portable and does not require installation
  • It is multilingual


Using WinScan2PDF is a child’s play. Just run WinScan2PDF and click on the Select Source button. From the list, you can select your installed printer or scanner device. You should choose a printer with scanning capabilities. If you want to create a multiple pages PDF file, then choose the option Multiple Pages. Then all you have to do is, place documents in your scanner and click on the Scan button.

So if you do not want to install that bulky printer driver or some other complex program just to scan documents into PDF files, then you can use WinScan2PDF. You can download WinScan2PDF from