Daxtar Shutdown Timer : Set Timer to Shutdown Windows

If you turn off your Windows based computer using the start menu, then you know that it provides not many options to shut it down. If you want to have more control over shutting down your Windows computer (for example, if your want to set timer to shutdown or restart Windows), then you can try Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer. Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer is an open-source free software that enables you to schedule your Windows system’s shutdown.

You can download Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer from its sourceforge web site. The download is available in the form of an ZIP archive. After extracting files from the ZIP archive, you can double-click on the ShutdownTimer.exe to run it. As soon as you run this program, it docks itself at the Windows notification area (system tray). You can right-click on it, to see options to shutdown or reboot the computer.

Daxtar Shutdown Timer

If you left-click on the icon in the notification area, then you would see the main window of the Daxtar Shutdown Timer. It shows you options to schedule sysem shutdown or restart. After setting the options of timer, you have to click on the Enable Timer to turn on the timer.

Daxtar Shutdown Timer

The main benefit of using a timer to shutdown is that you no longer have to wait for manually shutting down your computer after a download is complete or a scanning task is finished. So if you want to schedule a shutdown timer in Windows, then give Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer a try. You can download Daxtar’s Shutdown Timer from http://sourceforge.net/projects/daxshutdown/.