GIFPAL : Create GIF Animations Online

GIF is a special type of image format that embeds a series of images which give an effect of an animation being played. GIF is acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF animation format has been around for a long time – even before Adobe Flash was created. Creating GIF animations usually requires a picture editor like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. But these are difficult to work with and have a long learning curve. If you want to create a GIF animation, then you can quickly create GIF animations using the free online service GIFPAL.

You can make GIF animations online using GIFPAL. You can use images taken from your webcam or use other images from your hard disk to create the animation. The best part of using GIFPAL is that you do not have to download or install anything on your computer. You can just visit the GIFPAL web site and start using the GIFPAL service to create animations right away.

GIFPAL - Create GIF Animations Online

When you visit the GIFPAL web site, you are shown an option to use your web cam or use the pictures from your hard disk for creating the animations. It would automatically detect any connected webcam. You can chooose Start with Webcam to start using webcam. If you do not want to use the webcam, then you should choose Start without Webcam.

GIFPAL - Create GIF Animations Online

In the interface that opens, you can load an image in the top-right side – either from local hard disk or from your webcam. Then you can apply effects to this image using a Effects menu from the top-left corner. When you are ready, click on the add button to add this picture to a frame at the bottom. You can also use the Space key on your keyboard to add a loaded picture to a frame. Keep on adding pictures to create a GIF animation of your choice.

In the end, all you have to do is click on the Save a GIF button to save the GIF. You are given options to save the file to your computer (hard disk), save the file online (on GIFPAL servers) or publish it to gallery. Choose the one option that you fits your needs.

GIFPAL - Create GIF Animations Online

GIFPAL is free and full featured GIF animator. It can turn your still pictures into animation with a few clicks. There is only one glitch that it stamps GIFPAL watermark on all the animations you create. So if you want to create a GIF animations, stop thinking about Adobe Photoshop and get it done using GIFPAL in a few seconds. You can visit the GIFPAL web site at