History Viewer : Find What is Happening on Your PC

If you share your computer with your family, relatives or friends, then you know that how carelessly they mess around with your PC. You sometimes wonder – what is going on this computer! Well, you do not have to wonder any longer. Now you can use free History Viewer to find out what has been recently happening on your computer. It can show you the Windows history and browser history for multiple web browsers.


You can download it from its website and install it on your Windows PC. The setup program tries to install a toolbar which is not needed for the program and you can choose not to install the toolbar. It supports all Windows versions starting from Windows 98. The main Windows interface has a treeview on the left side and an information panel on the right side. On the left side, you can see the different categories and sub-catorgories. Clicking on a sub-category would show you the information in the information panel.

For Windows category it can show the recent documents, search, run history, open/save, last visited, first folder, USB storage and typed paths history. History Viewer supports the main three web browsers – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For each of the web browsers it can show the URL history, cookies, downloads etc. history. If you want, then you can also save the history report in form of an HTML file.

One thing to note is that, while History Viewer can show you the PC history, it cannot clean or erase that history. But still, if you often find unknown URLs typed in your web browser and wonder what is going on while you were away from your PC, then you can use the History Viewer. You can download History Viewer from http://www.historyviewer.net/.