iZoom : Automatically Zoom WebPages in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is a lean and mean web browser and I like it very much. But there is a feature in the Opera which is often missed in Chrome browser – the ability to change the zoom level of a webpage. But now you can add a similar functionality to your favorite Chrome browser using the Chrome extension called iZoom. The iZoom extension for Chrome lets you automatically change the zoom level to fit browser window width with three different zooming modes.

iZoom for Chrome is a handy extension that helps you view the whole content of the webpage when you need to resize the window. iZoom comes with three different kind of zooming modes –

  1. Shrink Only – Zoom is always at 100% unless window width is decreased and the contents are shrinked to fit, avoiding horizontal scrollbar (this is probably the expected behaviour for most of the users).
  2. Grow Only – Zoom level is never lower than 100% and it only grows for the contents to fit window width.
  3. Shrink and Grow – Contents are shrunk (zoomed out) or grown (zoomed in) to fit window width.

You can visit the Google Chrome webstore site and download the iZoom extension for Google Chrome. After the installation, the extension is ready to use and a blue colored magnifying glass is shown in the Chrome toolbar next to the omnibar as shown,

Chrome iZoom- Auto-zoom webpages

From now on, all the webpages are zoomed in or out to fit the window size of Chrome browser. The zooming takes place once a webpage has been fully loaded – so do not be impatient if you have a slow internet connection or site is responding slow. You can click on the iZoom icon in the toolbar to view and set some quick options. You can set the zooming modes and you can also enable or disable the iZoom extension.

Chrome iZoom- Auto-zoom webpages

If you choose the Advanced Options from the drop-down menu, you can change the iZoom extension settings. In these settings, you can enable or disable the extension, set the zooming mode, set the maximum zoom level (by default 127%), error levels and exceptions. If you set a webpage in the exception category then that webpage will not be zoomed in or out, even if the iZoom extension is enabled.

If you own a small screen computer like one of those new fangled netbooks, then this Chrome extension can make your life easy. You can download the iZoom extension from the Google web store site at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.