Screenshoter : Capture Screen Easily in Windows

If you want to capture what is presently on your Windows screen, then all you have to do is press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard and then paste the image in Windows Paint. But this is a tedious process which involves many steps. You can use free Screenshoter application instead to which helps you capture the entire screen or a part of the screen with the a single click. it automatically saves the captures area of your screen into a JPEG, PNG or BMP image file.

You can download Screenshoter from the InspireSoft website. The download is a ZIP archive of around 200 kilobytes in size. Screenshoter is a portable application – you do not have to install anything. You can just extract the contents of this ZIP archive and run Screenshoter.exe. You have to select the end user license and then it shows you a tiny window explaining about the basic steps needed to capture screenshots.

Using Screenshoter is pretty easy. Just select the region you want to capture. You can select to capture fullscreen, an active window or select a custom area as per your requirements. If you select the fullscreen option for region, then it would capture the entire desktop; if you select an active window, then the window currently in foreground would be captured; and if you select a custom area then all the contents in that selected area would be captured.

Screenshoter - capture screenshots

Next, you have to select an image format in which to save the captured contents. You can select from JPEG, PNG or BMP file formats. I suggest that you select JPEG file format because it offers optimal picture quality and reduced file size. Then you can select the folder where the files would be saved. By default, Screenshoter saved all the screenshot image files in your desktop folder. To capture selected region, now you can either click on the big Screenshot button or press the PrintScreen button on your keyboard. This would automatically save the captured regions into images files in the selected folder.

So if you need to capture screenshots but want the process to be a tad easier, then you can use the freeware Screenshoter. It is a tiny and portable application which should make into your portable apps collection. You can download Screenshoter from