Enable Showing of Downloads Window in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is probably the most popular web browser among the internet security aware netizens. Mozilla releases updates to Firefox on a regular basis keeping it free from any bugs or security concerns. With the latest update to version 10, Mozilla Firefox, by default, no longer shows the downloads window when you start downloding files. This may cause confusion for some people as they wonder where the file is being downloaded or if the download has started or not. But you can enable to show the download window when downloading files in Mozilla Firefox. Here is how :

  1. In the Firefox window, click on the orange colored Firefox button on the top-left and choose Options → Options from the menu as shown :

    Firefox Shown Downloads Window

  2. In the Options window, select the General tab if not already selected.
  3. Check the checkbox labeled Show the Downloads window when downloading a file in the Downloads section as shown in the picture below :

    Firefox Shown Downloads Window

  4. Click on the OK button to save the settings. From now on you would see a separate downloads window whenever you start to download a file.

If you want to automatically close the downloads window, you can also check the checkbox labeled Close it when all downloads are finished in step 3 above. You can also specify the default downloads folder in the settings. If you do not want to make these changes for but just want to show the downloads window temporarily, then you can just press Ctrl + J shortcut key.