CheckDiskGUI : Run CHKDSK Utility from the Comfort of GUI

Almost everybody knows about CHKDSK – a tool that comes with Windows and which can be used to fix and repair basic hard disk problems. But the real problem with CHKDSK is that its a command line tool and one has to run it from a CLI (command line interface) window. Most people today are not familiar with command line tools, passing arguments and switches etc. But CheckDiskGUI can save you from this trouble as it offers a graphical user interface(GUI) for the Windows CHKDSK utility. Now you can run CHKDSK command from the comfort of a GUI window.

CheckDiskGUI is a Graphical User Interface for the commandline utility CHKDSK. It can display the file system integrity status of hard disks and floppy disk and can fix logical file system errors. It can also display if the dirty bit is set for a disk drive, indicating that chkdsk would run at Windows boot for that disk drive. CheckDiskGUI is created for those people who do not like the complex commandline parameters. It provides the same functionality as CHKDSK command. You can give the same command line arguments and parameters using the CheckDiskGUI as for CHKDSK command.

You can download CheckDiskGUI from the Emiel Wieldraaijer’s website (the developer of this tool). The download is available as a portable application, so you do not have to install anything – just download and run the CheckDiskGUI.exe file. The main window will show a list of all disk drives in the system – their used disk space, available free disk space, file system types (FAT32 or NTFS etc.), labels and the dirty bit.

CheckDiskGUI - GUI for CHKDSK command

If you want to run the CHKDSK command for a disk, then place a checkmark in the checkbox for that drive. You can select one or more disk drives. Now you can click on the buttons Read Only, Fix and Fix and Recover to run CHKDSK in the read only mode, fix all found problems mode or the fix and recover all found problems mode respectively. It is analogous to running the CHKDSK command with /R or /F switches.

CheckDiskGUI does not run its own program, but it runs the CHKDSK command in the background. Basically, it uses an AutoIt script to perform the tasks and pipes the output of the CHKDSK command to the CheckDiskGUI window. When you run the CHKDSK tool on a disk drive, it would show the results in the the lower half of the CheckDiskGUI window. It may be possible that you have to dismount the disk drive while it fixes drive problems. If it cannot dismount a drive, then you would be asked to run CHKDSK at the next boot.

CheckDiskGUI is a tiny, portable and useful utility for all the Windows users. It can help you run the Windows CHKDSK command without any need to open an elevated command prompt and type in all those cryptic command lines. It frees you from the discomfort of remembering the switches for the CHKDSK command. You can download CheckDiskGUI from