PassworG : Generate Strong Passwords Quickly

If you are using a weak and easy-to-guess password in any of your online accounts (e.g. e-mail, facebook, twitter, FTP etc.), then it is worse than not using any password at all. A weak password gives you a false assurance that your account is protected while cracking or guessing that password is a matter of few seconds for any hacker. This is why all the security firms and experts give emphasis on using only strong passwords. If you do not how to make a strong password, then you can use freeware PassworG to quickly generate one or more strong passwords.

PassworG is a free password generator software that allows you to create any number of random, unique and highly secure passwords which are very difficult to crack or guess. It also contains a built-in password quality checker which you can use to check the quality or strength of your passwords and get suggestions on how to increase they quality.

You can download PassworG from the Badhim website. The download is a zip archive containing the standalone portable edition of PassworG. You do not need to install it in Windows. Just extract it to a folder and double-click on PassworG.exe to start PassworG. The graphical user interface of PassworG is very nice and easy to use. It contains two spin controls which let you choose the length of passwords (number of characters) and the number of passwords that you want to generate.

PassworG Password Generator

If you do not want to generate passwords with non-alphabetic characters, then you can select the Readable checkbox on the right side. You can also customize the characters that you want to include in your generated passwords by clicking on the gear, plus and minus icons above the Allowed Characters field. When you are all set, just click on the Generate button to generate passwords. In case you have selected to generate thousands of passwords, it might take a long time to finish generating all of them and you can click on the Stop button to halt the process in the middle. You would be able to see the generated passwords along with their bit-strength and quality in the list.

The other feature of PassworG is the password quality checking. You can select the Check Password Strength tab to use this feature. Using this feature is pretty simple. Just type in your password in the text field and click on the Check button. You would immediately see information about that password like bit-strength, whether it is able to protect you etc. It also shows suggestions to make your password stronger like using numbers and including both lowercase and uppercase letters in your password. Using these suggestions you can have a very strong password at your disposal.

PassworG Password Generator

The PassworG password generator is a freeware, standalone and portable tool to quickly generate very strong passwords. It is very small in size (around 1.4 megabytes) and you can carry it around in your USB stick to always keep it with you so that you can create high strength passwords on the go as you need them. You can download PassworG from the Badhim website at