Spotflux : Encrypt Internet Connection & Hide IP Address

When you browse through the internet, you expose yourself to all kinds of threats including malware infection, identity theft, data snooping and more. You can use the free Spotflux service to surf the web securely over an encrypted internet connection. Not only it encrypts all of your data transmissions over the internet, but it also hides your IP address. Additionally, it can also scan your inbound traffic to check if you are infected with a trojan or malware.

Spotflux is available for both Windows and Mac. It allows your encrypted data to be tunneled through the Spotflux cloud servers, making your internet experience more secure, private, unrestricted and safe. It is able to block the websites infected with malware and block some advertisements. It is also able to remove and prevent some of the tracking cookies.

You can download it from the Spotflux website. It supports installation on both Mac and Windows. The download for Windows is around 21 megabytes. During the installation, it installs a custom TAN/TUP (virtual network adaptor) in Windows. This adaptor works as a tunnel for your network traffic, encrypting it and securing it. After the installation, you can click on the start menu shortcut for Spotflux to start it. Then in the main window of Spotflux, click on the Enable button to start the Spotflux service as shown.

Spotflux - Secure Internet Connection

It will take a few moments before it connects to the Spotflux servers and secures your internet connection. Upon successful connection, you would notice that your IP address is changed. Now that your connection is secured, you can just start using the internet like before. It installs an icon in the notification area of the Windows in the bottom-right corner. If you hover your mouse cursor over this icon, it would show you your new IP address and the country for that IP address (usually it is the United States).

Spotflux - Secure Internet Connection

You can open the settings window for Spotflux by clicking on the setting icon in the upper-left corner. In the settings window, you can choose options to hide the main window at startup, show system tray notifications, warn on exit, automatically update Spotflux etc. You can also choose if Spotflux should connect to its server through some proxy in the settings window.

Spotflux - Secure Internet Connection

You can continue to use the internet using the Spotflux service without worrying about any data snooping or man-in-the-middle attacks. But when you have to perform some sensitive operations like online shopping or online banking, then it is recommended that you turn off the Spotflux service. To turn off the Spotflux service, all you have to do is to right-click on the Spotflux icon in the notification area and choose Disconnect.

Spotflux is a very easy to use online privacy solution for Windows and Mac. You can toggle it on and off as desired. It can help you secure your internet connection by encrypting your data transmission, hiding your real IP address, removing tracking cookies and blocking malware infested websites. You can download it from