FastestChrome : Browse Faster and Add Productivity to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is perhaps more popular for its fastness than for anything else. It loads up quickly and does not consume much of your system resources. But you can add the FastestChrome extension to the Chrome browser to make it even faster and add many productive features. The FastestChrome extension for Chrome browser adds many convenient features like highlighting a word to automatically show its definition using various sources, automatically loading next page before you reach the end of the page in Google search results, turn text URLs into clickable links among many others.

Here is a list of some of the features offered by the FastestChrome extension :

  • On sites with multiple pages, like on Google search results, it automatically loads the next page just before you reach the end so you do not have to click “Next”.
  • You can click on the middle mouse button to open the search results in a new tab.
  • You can highlight a word on a webpage to see a bubble popup showing its definitions using Wikipedia and other sources.
  • You can hover over a link to see how popular it is on social sites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can select text from a webpage and then choose a search engine to automatically search for that text.
  • It can automatically detect and convert plain text URLs into clickable links.

You can download and install this extension from the Google Chrome webstore. After the installation, you can start using it immediately. You can check by highlighting a word on any webpage; it would show a bubble pop-up showing its definition from Wikipedia or other sources along with four icons to search it on Google, DuckDuckGo, SearchCanyon and Wikipedia. You can customize the bubble popup in the Fastest Chrome settings.

Fastest Chrome : Browse Faster

You can open FastestChrome settings from the extensions page. To open the extensions page, click on the gear like icon on the top-right and choose Tools → Extensions. In the FastestChrome options, you can choose General settings like linkifying text URLs and endless pages. You can choose options about how FastestChrome alters the search results on Google and other search engines. You can also change the settings of the popup bubble that appears when you highlight a word.

Fastest Chrome : Browse Faster

Some of the features shown in the options do not seem to work. For example, the “Add Related Articles to Wikipedia” did not work for me. But still, FastestChrome adds many productive and time saving features to Google Chrome. You can scroll down one page after another using the endless page feature, turn text URLs into actual hyperlinks, quickly pop up definitions on highlighting a word and more. It can deliver a painless, faster browsing experience to your Google Chrome browser. You can download and install this extension from