Free Dr.Web Light Scanner : Malware Protection for Mac

It is now well established that the Mac users are vulnerable to the malware attacks to the same extent as the Windows users are. More than sixty different malware families targeted the Mac OS in the last quarter of the previous year alone. So if you think that you, being a Mac user, are invincible from malware, then you are putting your financial and personal information stored in your computer at risk. Every Mac user should install an anti-virus application to scan and clean all the malware. If you do not want to pay for a commercial anti-virus product, then you can use free Dr.Web Light Scanner – a free anti-virus application for Mac OS.

Dr.Web Light Scanner for Mac OS is a reliable way to protect your Mac from a variety of threats. The scanner is based on the latest virus detection and removal technologies developed by Dr.Web – a well trusted name in the security industry. You can use it to scan your system whenever you like. The scanner virus databases are automatically updated with signatures of actual threats on a regular basis. It contains a heuristic analyzer for stronger protection against unknown viruses.

You can download Dr.Web Light Scanner from the Dr.Web website or the Mac App Store. The download is in form of a DMG file and the download file size is around 75 megabytes which might take some time on slower connections. You can start the installation by just double-clicking on the downloaded file. A Finder window will appear. You can locate the Dr.Web Light Scanner icon in this finder window and drag it into your Applications folder. Now you can run it from its shortcut in the Applications folder.

Free Dr.Web Light Scanner for Mac

Dr.Web Light Scanner for Mac provides a very easy to use interface. You can drag and drop files on its window to scan them automatically. You can click on the specified area in its window to manually select which files are to be scanned. It provides a fast Express scan and a slow but comprehensive Full scan. The Express scan, scans only critical areas of your system for malware while the Full scan checks your entire system for malware. If it finds a suspicious item, then it can send them to quarantine where they will not cause any harm to your system.

You can customize Dr.Web Light Scanner to exclude or includes files or folders in the scan. It can automatically download the virus definition updates, but you can configure the frequency of virus defnition updates to suit your needs. If you are using MacBook, then you can use the pause function to suspend the scanning, save battery charge, and can continue scanning at any later convenient time.

Dr.Web Light Scanner can be installed on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and higher. It is free for personal use and does not consume much of your system resources. So if you want to protect your Mac from malware or want to get rid of already present malware on your Mac, then you can use Dr.Web Light Scanner. You can download it from