ResumeLater : Bookmark and Resume Videos Later in Firefox

Youtube is both fun and a great source of knowledge. You can find thousands of videos for any topic or category. Often when we are enjoying Youtube videos, something important comes up and we have to close the browser window to attend to that important task. Later when we come back to our computer, either we have forgotten about Youtube or find it hard to open that same video we were enjoying earlier. A Firefox add-on resumeLater takes on this problem. Using this add-on you can bookmark any video on Youtube (as well as other video sites) and resume it later from the same time position.

You can visit the Mozilla add-on website to install this resumeLater add-on. It does not require restarting your web browser, so its ready to use soon after the installation. Once installed, you can switch to the Youtube website (or any other video site) and try to play a video. You would notice a small green play icon (resumeLater icon) in the lower-right corner of Firefox browser. Click on this icon to open the saved bookmark popup of resumeLater.

ResumeLater : Resume Videos Later in Firefox

Click on the green play icon in the resumeLater popup window. You would notice that the video name and its current time position has been saved in the resumeLater window. Now you can close the browser, without worrying about what you have been watching and at what position you were. Next time you open Firefox, just click on this resumeLater icon in the add-on bar at the bottom of Firefox to open the resumeLater popup window. In this popup window, you can click on any of the saved videos to automatically launch them in a new tab. If you want to remove a video, then just click on the red icon next to a video in the bookrmarked videos list. Then choose Confirm to remove it from the list.

ResumeLater : Resume Videos Later in Firefox

So if you often lose track of videos you watched on Youtube due to interruptions of work and other family members, then do not worry anymore – the resumeLater add-on would help you pause and resume your videos at any later time you want. Although it mentions support of other sites, but a quick look at the extension code reveals that at present it does not support any video sites other than Youtube. You can install it from the Firefox add-ons page at