Tiny Uploader : Upload Images to Imageshack or Imgur from Windows Desktop

If you do not own a website and still want to share your pictures with others, then you can choose many online image sharing services like Flickr, Imageshack and more. But to upload pictures to these services, you have to open their website in your web browser, login to your account and then upload pictures and get sharing links. But now you can use Tiny Uploader application to upload pictures from the comfort of your Windows desktop without having to open any web browser.

Tiny Uploader is a Windows application that allows you to upload any picture to Imageshack and Imgur image sharing services. It adds a right-click upload functionality in Windows for all your images. You can just right-click on any picture file on your hard disk, and choose Send to Imgur or Send to Imageshack to upload the pictures. This makes it very convenient to upload any picture to these services. You do not even require to create any account for these image sharing sites. It can send multiple files at the same time and also has a screen capture function.

You can download Tiny Uploader from its website. The download is available both as an installer and as a portable application. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. If you download the portable edition, then you will not be able to right-click on an image file and upload it. After the installation of Tiny Uploader is finished, you can start uploading files to Imgur or Imageshack image sharing services. Just right-click on any image file and choose Send to Imgur or Send to Imageshack as shown in the picture below :

Tiny Uploader - Upload images to Imageshack and Imgur

Of course, you can select multiple image files at the same time to be sent using the right-click context menu. This would cause the Tiny Uploader window to open up and you would see the progress of pictures being sent. When all the pictures are uploaded, you can click on the Copy Link to clipboard button to copy the file sharing link to clipboard which you can paste in forums, emails or other sites. You can also click on the Visit Picture Link button to view the uploaded picture on the Imgur or Imageshack servers using your web browser. If you have uploaded multiple pictures, then you can view their upload URLs by clicking on the Upload Logs at the bottom-left corner.

Tiny Uploader - Upload images to Imageshack and Imgur

Tiny Uploader also allows you to take screenshots of your desktop, open windows or custom area on your desktop. The capture files are automatically saved in a folder on your hard disk and then uploaded to selected image sharing service. You can disable automatic uploading of the screenshots by clicking on the Upload mode under the Mode section. Further settings for captures or screenshots are available in the Tiny Uploader settings.

You can click on the gear like icon in the main Tiny Uploader window to open the Tiny Uploader settings. In the settings window, you can choose to toggle right-click context menu for uploading to Imgur or Imageshack. You can choose to resize images before uploading and pick the quality of uploaded pictures. You can also choose options for captured screenshots – various styles of file naming options based on date and time and the folder where these capture images are stored.

Tiny Uploader - Upload images to Imageshack and Imgur

Tiny Uploader turns the tedious task of uploading images to image sharing websites into a very simple process. It integrates itself into the right-click context menu of Windows Explorer enabling you to upload your images just by right-clicking on them. You can also take screenshots of your desktop and other windows and automatically upload them. You can download Tiny Uploader from its website at http://eden.fm/tinypic-uploader/.