BlueStacks App Player : Run Android Apps in Windows

Android is an operating system for mobile devices and computer tablets. It has become one of the largest used mobile platform in the recent years. There are thousands of free Android apps available for mobile devices. So far if you did not own any Android mobile or tablet, then you just could not use these amazing apps. But now you can use free BlueStacks App Player to run any Android app inside Microsoft Windows. Using this great Windows application you can enjoy more than 450,000 Android games and apps from various categories right inside your Windows PC.

BlueStacks App Player is an Android operating system emulator for Windows. You can download BlueStacks App Player from its website. The download is available as an installable application. The downloaded file size is around 3.6 megabytes for the web installer which further downloads many large files to finish the setup. You can also download the full MSI installer which is around 98 megabytes in size.

BlueStacks App Player

After installation it would place an icon in your notification area from where you can open its main window. By default, only facebook and twitter apps are installed if you use the large installer. You can also search for an app in the search box shown. If you want to install an app, then you can click on its icon and it would be downloaded and installed. A download progress window will be shown. In general, the app downloads for BlueStacks App Player are larger in size than for original Android device.

BlueStacks App Player

Once installed, you can run these apps either inside the BlueStacks App Player window or you can run them fullscreen. It has many more options which you can customize using its settings. You can change the window size to reflect the size of a tablet, large mobile phone or a standard mobile phone. You can also sync your Android device with BlueStacks App Player using its Cloud Connect feature.

BlueStacks App Player

So if you want to run Android apps inside Windows, then you can use free BlueStacks App Player. It works in Windows XP, Vista and 7. It comes bundled with facebook and twitter apps. You can download from over 450,000 apps in various categories like games, music, apps for kids, photos, social networking, messaging and news. Its still in beta stage, so you can expect many changes in the future. You can download it from

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