Folder Colorizer : Quickly Change the Colors of Your Folders

Everybody keeps their files well arranged in multiple folders – one folder for summer vacation pictures, one for oldies music MP3s, one for personal documents, one for Christmas pictures and so on. But when we try to find a folder from so many of them, we just cannot seem to find them easily. We scroll up and down the list of folders in Windows Explorer multiple times before we finally pin-point the one we wanted. Our task of finding a folder would become much easier if each folder had a different visual appearance. Folder Colorizer does exactly that – it allows you to change the color of a folder to whatever you like. This way you can set different colors for your different kinds of folders (e.g., music, picture and video folders) and make them very easy to identify.

Folder Colorizer is a Windows application designed by Softorino. It is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. You can download it from the Softorino website. The download is available in form of an installer. During the installation, it offers to install a third party software which is not required for the Folder Colorizer to work properly – so you can choose not to install it. After the installation, nothing happens – there is no message that Folder Colorizer is installed successfully. If you try to run it from the Start Menu shortcut, it does not run. But it installs the right-click context menu option in Windows Explorer for all the folders. For changing the color of a folder, all you have to do is to right-click on a folder and select Colorize! and then pick a color from the list. But this further brings up a Free Activation window which requires you to enter your email address and click on the Free Activation button as shown. This Free Activation window does not appear again, after you have activated it.

Folder Colorizer : Change the Colors of Your Folders

After the activation, you are all set to change the colors of your folders. Just right-click on a folder and select Colorize! and then pick a color from the sub-menu. There are eight pre-defined colors in the sub-menu – yellow, lawngreen, red, blue, silver, violet, sandy brown, aquamarine. If you do not like any of these colors, then you can select Colors… and it would open a color selector window where you can add your own custom color. The color picker automatically gives a name to whatever color you choose using the color circle.

Folder Colorizer : Change the Colors of Your Folders

If you keep adding new colors, the color selection context menu would become too long. If you do not want such a long color selection menu, then you can also remove colors using this color picker window. To remove a color hover over a color in the list of color picker window and click on the red cross icon that appears.

If at a later time, you decide to revert the color of a folder back to the original Windows color, then you can right-click on a folder, and select Colorize! → Restore Original Color from the context menu. This would instantly change the folder color to the default folder color.

Folder Colorizer is a free and simple tool to bring more color in your Windows Explorer. You can use it to assign custom colors to your folders and make them easy to find. It is extremely simple to use and you can revert the color back to normal if desired. You can download Folder Colorizer from