How to Apply a New Theme to Opera Web Browser

Opera is the only web browser with a strictly clean security record. This is why most of the advanced users choose to use Opera for internet banking, online shopping and other sensitive activities online. Starting with the version 12, Opera has added many new features including the theme support to the web browser. Now you can change the appearance of the Opera browser by installing a theme just like you do in other web browsers. Previously the Opera browser offered to install skins which were similar to themes. But now Opera has dropped the older skins and adopted the new lightweight themes system. If you want to change the the appearance of your Opera browser by installing a new theme, then you can follow these simple instructions :

Apply a New Theme to Opera Web Browser

  1. First of all you need the Opera browser to be installed on your system, if you have not already done so. You can download the Opera browser for Windows, Mac or Linux from their website and install it. The installation instructions are different for all of the operating systems. Please note that the new themes support is available only for version 12 and above of the Opera browser, so you should install the appropriate version accordingly.
  2. Now you can open the Opera web browser and point it to the Opera Themes Gallery webpage. You can find the link to this webpage at the end of this article.
  3. On the Opera Themes gallery webpage you can browse through various themes. The themes are categorized according to their popularity, newliness and rating. You would also see few themes recommended by Opera.

    Apply a New Theme to Opera Web Browser

  4. If you like a theme and want to install it, then all you have do is click on its preview thumbnail. This would open a detailed webpage for that theme with an enlarged screenshot, version, last update date and other details. You would see an Add to Opera button on the top-right of this page. Click on the button to download and install the selected theme in your Opera browser.

    Apply a New Theme to Opera Web Browser

  5. This would start the downloading process for the selected theme. The theme file is a ZIP archive with assets like images and a persona.ini file. After the download finishes, Opera automatically installs the downloaded theme. Now you can enjoy the newly installed theme in Opera. If you want to see the newly installed theme in its full glory then you should open the new tab page in Opera.

You can browse, search, download and install new themes for Opera from the Opera Theme Gallery page located at

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