How to Customize Facebook Colors in Google Chrome

Facebook has a standard dark blue color layout for its website. Facebook users spend many hours everyday on the Facebook site staring at the dark blue layout, yet they are not given any option to change or customize its color. This is frustrating. Some of us do not like the blue color. Personally, I like the pink color and I wish facebook would give me some option to change its webpage color. But until facebook does something about it, we facebook users can use a free Chrome extension called Facebook Color Changer to customize facebook colors ourselves.

Facebook Color Changer is a browser add-on for the Google Chrome web browser using which you can change how facebook appears to you. Changes are limited only to your own browser in your computer. Facebook users two shades of the blue color – dark blue for the top menubar background and light blue for the icons shown in the menubar (like notification, messages and friend requests etc.). The Facebook Color Change extension allows you to change both of these colors and so you can give facebook a look of your choice.

You can visit the Facebook Color Changer extension page in the Google Chrome webstore and click on the Add to Chrome button to install it in your Chrome browser. After it is installed, you can visit the facebook website in your Google Chrome browser. You do not have to login to your facebook account. You would find a colorful facebook icon in the right side of the Chrome omnibar. You can click on it and you would see two text boxes where you can type in the color name (like red, pink, green etc.) or you can type the HTML color codes (like #00FF00 for green, #FF0000 for red etc.).

Facebook Colors Changer

You can experiment with different combination of colors. If you have no idea about the valid HTML color names or codes, then you can visit the W3Schools website for looking up the color names and color codes. You can find the link to the W3Schools website at the end of this article.

It is inevitable that you will be bored again by some colors you had set for the facebook page. You may want to make the facebook page look like it was before. If you want to return back to the original facebook color layout (dark blue), then you can click on the Facebook Color Changer icon in the omnibar and choose Revert to defaults. This would set the facebook colors back to the default dark blue.

The Facebook Color Change extension has no settings. It is a simple and easy to use Chrome extension which allows you to customize facebook colors. You longer have to gaze at the dark blue facebook webpage, now you can make facebook site look pink, green, yellow or any other color of your choice. You can download and install this extension from

You can find HTML color codes and color names here :