Download Torrents Quickly with One Click Download Extension for Chrome

The BitTorrent protocol has revolutionized the way we download and share files over the internet. Thanks to the bit-torrent protocol, now we can share the network load among the people interested in downloading the files without the necessity of a central download server. But the main problem of torrent files is that you need a bit-torrent client like μTorrent in order to download the contents of the torrent. But if you use the Chrome browser, then you can download the contents of a torrent file just like any other ordinary file using the One Click Download extension.

The One Click Download extension for Chrome is developed by BitTorrent Torque labs. This extension gives you the ability of downloading the torrent files in a similar way you download other files from the internet. After installing this extension when you click on a .torrent file link, it would start downloading the files that the torrent file points to. It would start opening different tabs to download different files contained inside the torrent.

After you install this extension in Google Chrome, it automatically connects to the BitTorrent site and downloads Torque.exe and runs it in background. This Torque.exe is the actual bit-torrent client that fetches each file and saves it. The only thing that the Chrome extension does is invoke the Torque.exe bit-torrent client with proper parameters to download the files contained in the torrent file that you clicked on.

One Click Download Extension for Chrome

While One Click Download extension makes it pretty easy and straightforward for you to download torrent files, it gives you no options or control over the torrent download. You cannot adjust bandwidth alloted for downloading the torrent files. It does not even show any progress bar of the download process. When I tried to download a single torrent file, many instances of Torque.exe started to run in the background and hogged lots of bandwidth. I could not even open any website in the web browser.

In the end it all depends if you want the ease or more control over your torrent downloads. Personally, if I had to download torrent files, then I would choose a bit-torrent client like μTorrent. But if you do not want all those control options, then you can surely try One Click Download extension for Chrome and download contents of the torrent files right inside your Chrome browser. You can download and install this extension from