File Secure : Encrypt, Backup and Lock Your Files

We all have some important files that we do not want to or cannot afford to lose. For example, the pictures of your wedding ceremony or your childrens birthday party, your financial reports of previous years and so on. In order to keep them safe, you should not only create a backup and but also encrypt them so that they do not fall into wrong hands. File Secure is a free software that helps you create a backup of your important files, encrypt them, shred them and lock your USB keys.

File Secure Free offers four features in one product – file encryption, file backup, USB disk lockup and file shredder. The file encryption feature uses powerful military standard AES encryption algorithm which means your files would be inaccessible without a password that you specify. The file backup feature can be used to backup your personal data and keep it safe. The USB disk lockup feature is used to lock a USB key so that nobody can access it without supplying a password. The file shredder features helps you get rid of all the unwanted data securely and completely.

File Secure : Encrypt, Backup and Lock Your Files

Its very easy to use the File Secure application. To encrypt a file or folder, just add those files or folders, select them and click Encrypt. It would ask for a password to encrypt the selected files. The decryption process is similar, only you have to click on the Decrypt button. To backup files, just select the files or folders and click on the Backup button. All the backups are password protected with the password you supply. To retrieve files from a backup, open the backup archive and click on the Recover button.

The file shredder works in a similar fashion. Add and select the target files or folders and then click on the Shred button. To lockdown a USB key, insert the USB key, click on the Lock button and supply the password. Later if you attach this USB key in your computer, Windows would ask to format this USB disk but you should not format it. To unlock the USB key, just start File Secure and unlock that USB key from the Lockup section.

File Secure : Encrypt, Backup and Lock Your Files

File Secure is a free application that can be used for encrypting, shredding and backing up files. It can also help you lock your USB keys. But the USB key lock feature is very risky. If you do not remember which USB key you locked, then you might end up formatting it next time you attach it to your computer and lose all the data. I wish that File Secure was a portable application so that it could be used without encryption. But anyway it is very useful tool to have on your computer system.

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