Google Privacy Addon : Make Sites Respect Your Privacy in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has a feature called Do Not Track which requests websites that you do not want to be tracked when enabled. But websites are free to respect this setting. They may refuse to honor your wishes and continue to track your browsing behavior. But now there is a browser addon called Google Privacy which forces Google and other websites trackers to respect your wish of not being tracked. At the time of writing this article, it supports Google, facebook, Yahoo!, Bing and Youtube. In the future, more trackers and sites might be added.

You can visit the Mozilla add-on website to install this Google Privacy add-on. It requires restarting your web browser. After the installation and restarting Firefox, Google Privacy is ready and starts to protect your privacy online. Now if you search for a term in the supported search engines like Google or Yahoo!, then you would see two links for each searched result. The usual original link which uses tracking would be marked with a red cross on top of it. Google Privacy adds another link next to it labeled as private which is a privacy protected link with all the tracking code stripped from it.

Google Privacy Addon

If you do not want to use the default settings for Google Privacy, then you can customize it to your like. You can open the Google Privacy options from the Addons page which you can open by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A. In the settings, you can choose to replace the original links instead of displaying another private link on the side. You can also choose to enable privacy filtering even when you are logged in to the supported service, e.g., when you are logged in to your Google account. If you enable Show descriptive text option, then it shows tracked or private next to the links so that you can easily find out which link is tracking and which one is not.

Google Privacy Addon

Under the website options, if you select Own links allowed which means that the links to the same website will not be modified. For example, you are browsing through YouTube then internal links to YouTube shall not be modified. If you enable the All Clicks for a tracker site, then it tried to block all clicks to those known trackers.

Google Privacy addon page claims that it cannot recognize every mechanism companies use to track user behavior and so it cannot possibly block all the tracking methods. But still, it is a very nice addon for quickly getting rid of those tracking links. If you do not want these sites to track your search behavior and which links you click on, then you can try the Google Privacy addon. You can install it from the Firefox add-ons page at