Graphicly : Read Free Comics Online Legally

Graphicly is a platform for comic book publishers and writers. Comic book writers and publishers often publish and make a preview edition available for everyone in order to promote their content. There are more than 1000 publishers, including Random House, EA, Marvel Comics, Chronicle Books, Image Comics, as well as more than 5000 independent writers on Graphicly. All the content available on Graphicly is completely legal and respects the copyrights of the publishers. The good thing is that Graphicly also has hundreds of amazing comic books to read online for free. You do not even have to register for an account to start reading a comic book on Graphicly.

To read free comic books on Graphicly, all you have to do is visit their site and start browsing their free catalogue. But if you register a free account, then you would also be able to save comic books to your Graphicly library. Some of the free comic books are available as a preview, others are available to be read online while a few numbers are available to be downloaded in PDF format. In addition to free comic books, there are comic books that you can purchase, add to your library and download.

Graphicly : Read Free Comics Online

To read a free comic book, just visit the free section on the Graphicly site. Then browse through a number of free comic books listed there. You would notice that most of the free comics are rated either mature or teen. Just click on the thumbnail of a comic book you want to read. This would open the comic book’s front page. On the right side of the front page are links to add it to your library (if you are logged in to your Graphicly account). If you hover your mouse over the front page, you would see options to go fullscreen, change view mode (2 pages or 1 page), view information about the comic book or switch to the next page.

Graphicly : Read Free Comics Online

If you click on the fullscreen button to switch to the fullscreen mode, all that happens is that comic book view is spread all over the webpage. You will not see anything else but the comic book. But to switch to fullscreen of your computer screen, you have to switch your browser window to fullscreen too. In most of the web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc., you can toggle the fullscreen mode on and off by pressing the F11 button on your keyboard. The following picture shows how it looks when you read a comic book fullscreen:

Graphicly : Read Free Comics Online

When in the fullscreen mode, you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to go back and forth a page in the comic book you are reading. Of course, you can also use your mouse to do the same, but keyboard keys are more comfortable and easy to use.

So what are you waiting for? Start reading legally free comic books online at Graphicly :

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