How to Open Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8

The elevated command prompt is a special command prompt window which is run with the administrator privileges. The benefit of opening an elevated command prompt window is that you can run all commands and programs with the administrator level access without being nagged with the user account control (UAC) over and over again. You could open the elevated command prompt easily in earlier versions of Windows using the Start Menu, but in Windows 8 there is no Start Menu. But Microsoft has added some other options to open an elevated command prompt in Windows 8.

Method 1 – From Windows Explorer

Windows 8 allows you to open elevated command prompt right from the Windows Explorer window. The command prompt opened this way opens with the current folder already selected as the working directory. You do not have to give the CD commands to switch back and forth directories and drives.

  1. Click on a folder or drive in Windows Explorer to select it.
  2. Select File → Open command prompt → Open command prompt as administrator from the Windows Explorer’s ribbon bar as shown in the following picture.

    Open Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8

  3. The elevated command prompt would be opened with the selected folder already selected as current directory in it.

Method 2 – From Start Screen

  1. Press the Windows Logo Key to switch to the Start Screen if you are not already there.
  2. Press the key combination Windows Logo Key + X to bring out the administrator menu.

    Open Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8

  3. From this administrator menu, select Command Prompt (Admin) and it would start an elevated command prompt.