How to Reset Your Facebook Password

Facebook is a social networking phenomenon that has taken the world to the next level of internet revolution. Everybody has a facebook account these days. If they are not using facebook on their desktop or laptop computers, then its on their handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets. The one possible reason for this is that it lets you connect with your family and friends on a daily or hourly basis even if they are living miles away from you. One question comes to mind, what if you lose your password account? Or even worse, what if you lose your mobile phone. It would be a disaster for the facebook generation who has grown accustomed to having facebook ready round-the-clock. Do not worry, facebook password can be reset easily if you still have access to your email account associated to your facebook account. Here is how :

  1. Open facebook site in your browser and search for your facebook profile. Copy your facebook profile URL from the web browser’s address bar.

    Reset Your Facebook Password

  2. Visit the Facebook Password Reset page at Then paste your facebook profile URL (that you copied in the first step) in the first text box on this password reset page. Click on the Search button to continue.

    Reset Your Facebook Password

  3. Facebook would search for the facebook account associated with that profile and show you the result. Click on the button labeled This is my account as shown in the following screenshot :

    Reset Your Facebook Password

  4. In the next window, you might be able to see options about how you want to reset the password – through email, through SMS or through a phone call. Or it can just show a password reset button (like in my case) without any options. Click on the Reset Password button to proceed.

    Reset Your Facebook Password

  5. This would send you an SMS (text message), a phone call and an e-mail message. The phone call is optional and is usually an automated phone call that reads the reset code for you two times. You can also check your email inbox for any facebook reset message and wait for any SMS message on your mobile phone. The reset code is same no matter how it is sent to you. It can take upto 30 minutes for you to receive a reset code. Type this reset code in the next page that opens in your browser, or just click on the reset link in the facebook email.

    Reset Your Facebook Password

  6. Now you can follow the on-screen directions to reset your password. After you have reset (changed0 your password, you can login to your facebook account using your new password.

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  1. Hello,
    I disabled my instagram account for 3 weeks. I tried to reactive my account and now I cant. I used to reset my password and got nothing. Instagram sent me a email stating that I am having logging issues. I don’t know what else I can do. I want my account back. I also stated username not found or email. Although they sent me a email stating that I am having logging issues

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