Watch Youtube Videos From Places Near You

Youtube is a great place to share and watch your videos. Youtube hosts videos from all over the world, but sometimes you want to watch the videos from local places near you. Youtube provides no way to search for videos based on their geographical locations, so you cannot search for videos from places near you using its search feature. But you can use a third party tool called Youtube Videos Near Me, which allows you to look for the videos uploaded by people near your area.

This free tool determines your IP address and uses it to calculate your geographical location. Then it searches for the videos uploaded from that area using the Google Maps API, Google Feeds API, YouTube Data API and Google’s Location API to find the geotagged videos near your location. Unfortunately, if a video is not geotagged then it is not possible to find out from where that video was uploaded.

To use the “Youtube Videos Near Me” service, all you have to do is visit its page. It would show a Google Map of your location and a list of videos that were supposedly uploaded from the places near your location.

Watch Youtube Videos From Places Near You

You can click on the videos shown in a list under the Google map of your location to watch them. The videos are opened in a new window or tab and automatically start playing in the full window mode.

If your geographical location is not detected correctly by this app, then you can click on the red pin and drag it to your actual location and the app would update the list with that selected location. This app lists all the videos uploaded from a radius of two miles of the selected location.

You can visit the Youtube Videos Near Me app page at :