YoWindow : Check Weather Reflected on Vivid Landscapes

Usually you check weather by looking at some or other weather forecasting website. But these websites just give numbers – various data like temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunshine, wind, pressure and more. Most of these numbers do not give any real idea of the weather for the ordinary man. YoWindow is a weather app that addresses this problem by reflecting present weather conditions on lovely landscapes, so that you can easily see present weather conditions translated into real life pictures.

YoWindow is similar to opening your window and looking outside for how the weather is – only you do not have to actually open the window. The YoWindow displays a living and vivid weather picture with many animations to reflect the weather – like real cloud movement, rainfall, snowfall, fog, grass and tress swinging to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms, vehicles and airplanes. You can visit the YoWindow website and click on the Live Weather link to open a new window which shows the weather conditions for your location. It automatically detects your geographical location from your IP address.

YoWindow : Check Weather Reflected on Vivid Landscapes

YoWindow chooses a landscape randomly from Airport, Village, Seaside and Oriental. If you do not like the landscape selected for you, then you can manually change it from the left side options. The options also let you choose unit system from Metric, US, UK, Russia or customize your own units. If you want to view weather for some another location, then you can choose from the Location options on the left side. You can also view this in the fullscreen mode by clicking on the fullscreen icon at the lower-right corner of the landscape.

Apart from the website app, YoWindow also offers a screensaver both for Windows and Mac. The screensaver shows a similar vivid landscape reflecting animated weather effects. They also have a Chrome browser extension which shows current weather right next to Chrome’s omnibar. If you have a blog or website, then you can put their YoWindows widget on it. The widget is designed to work on any website including Blogger, WordPress and MySpace.

You can visit YoWindow website at http://yowindow.com/.