3Dnator : Turn Any 2D Image into 3D in Google Chrome

The craze for 3D videos and images has soared up specially after the movie Avatar was released. Now digital cameras capable of capturing images and videos in 3D are readily available. Although many websites including Youtube have added 3D video features, yet internet is still dominated by 2D plain pictures and videos. Sometimes you have to think why you even bothered buying the 3D glasses? But the 3Dnator extension for Chrome browser brings the good news. Now you can turn any 2D image into 3D image in Google Chrome using this 3Dnator extension.

The 3Dnator extension is able to create stereoscopic 3D object from any image. Of course, you only need a red-cyan 3D glass for viewing the converted images in the 3D. This extension uses HTML5 to convert the plain images into 3D anaglyphs. You can create 3D from your own images or photos from the internet. Then you will see 3D objects with special color glasses on your screen.

After installing this extension in Google Chrome, you would see a new icon to the right of the Chrome omnibar. You can click on this icon to toggle between 2D and 3D. If you use this method then all the images on the current webpage would be converted into 3D.

3Dnator : Turn Any 2D Image into 3D in Google Chrome

But on most of the websites, if you try to convert all the images into 3D, then it would also convert the logos and naviagtion related images. This can make it difficult for you to naviagte through the website. So you might want to view only one or two images in 3D. There is another method if you just want to view one image in 3D. Just right-click on that image and select 3Dnator! from the context menu. This would open another tab or window showing you the 3D counterpart of the selected image.

3Dnator : Turn Any 2D Image into 3D in Google Chrome

So if you want to take your internet experience to another level by viewing every image in 3D, then you can use the 3Dnator extension for Google Chrome. If you do not have the red-cyan glasses, then you can get them from walmart for as cheap as US$ 2.

You can download and install 3Dnator extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.

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