Aero 8 Tuner : Customize Aero Effects in Windows 8

Microsoft introduced Aero in Windows Vista and since then it has become better and better in the each new version of Windows. The Aero effects in Windows 7 were not that different from Windows Vista, but in Windows 8 it works in an entirely different manner. Thanks to Aero 8 Tuner developed by WinAero, now you can customize the DWM (desktop windows manager) and Aero in Windows 8.

Aero 8 Tuner is a simple portable application for Windows 8 that can help you adjust the color settings in Windows 8 Aero. You can adjust main color, set window colorization, force high contrast mode and modify the color balance in the desktop window manager. You can download the program from the WinAero website. The download is a ZIP archive which you have to extract into a folder. Then run Aero8Tuner.exe from that folder.

Aero 8 Tuner : Customize Aero Effects in Windows 8

Using Aero 8 Tuner is pretty easy. First of all, select the main color. This would automatically enable the window colorization. After this you can adjust the color balance using a slider control in the Aero 8 Tuner window. As you adjust the color balance, you can see the changes in all the open windows and the taskbar. The option to force Windows to use high contrast mode can help the people with vision problems. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can click on the Save button to make the changes permanent.

You can download WinAero Aero 8 Tuner from

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