Sendinc : Send Secure Emails for Free

Although most of the email services are pretty secure yet the network you use to connect to the internet can be insecure. Due to this weak link in the security chain, the email messages you sent using the ordinary email services can be trapped using the man-in-the-middle attacks. The only solution for securing your email messages is to encrypt them before they leave your computer and decrypt them when they arrive on the recipient’s computer. The Sendinc service allows you to freely send an encrypted email.

To send an encrypted email, visit the Sendinc website. Enter your email address in the space provided. As soon as you enter your email address you are shown an information message box explaining that you need to signup for a free Sendinc account. The sign-up process is two step – first they send an activation code, second you have to fillup your name, password and the verification code. After you have signed up for a free Sendinc account, you would be ready to send encrypted emails.

Sendinc : Send Secure Emails for Free

Now you can continue composing the email message. Enter your email address, the email addresses of recipients, message subject, add an attachment and obviously add the message. The message subject is not encrypted during the transfer so you might want to leave it blank. The attachment you choose are also encrypted but you might want to encrypt the attached files using a tool like AxCrypt.

Sendinc : Send Secure Emails for Free

Another thing to note is that the recipient should also have a Sendinc account in order to receive the encrypted email. This is well thought out because if the recipients can receive the message on less secure networks then the whole idea of encrypted email is compromised. The Sendinc uses 256-bit SSL encryption to transfer your message to its server where it is further encrypted with military standard encryption. The encryption key is emailed to the recipients so they can decrypt the message. Recipients can retrieve the message by following the link in the email provided to them.

One of the interesting things about sending email message with Sendinc is that you can set the message to self-destruct automatically. You can choose the self destruct options from the drop-down listbox from 1 day to 365 days. If you have watched the movie Mission Impossible, then you can imagine how useful this self destruct feature is.

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