SmartUtils Easy Password : Generate Secure Passwords for All Sites

An average internet user has to remember dozens of different passwords for various websites from social networks like facebook and twitter to email services like hotmail and gmail. On top of that, there is a constant pressure to think of a different secure password for all these sites. Some of the websites actually reject the less secure password if you try to use one. How can one remember all these secure passwords for so many sites? SmartUtils Easy Password has come to your rescue. It is a free tool to generate secure passwords for any site instantly, based on your master password so that you only have to remember one master password.

Easy Password is a simple tool that takes the full website URL and your master password as seeds and generates a strong secure password for that website. This way you only have to remember one master password instead of dozens of different passwords for different sites. This also eradicates the necessity of storing passwords in any database – making this utility truly portable in nature.

You can download the SmartUtils Easy Password tool from the SmartUtils website. The download is available both as an installer and as a portable application. I personally suggest the portable edition because this way you do not have to install anything on your system. After extracting the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive, you can double-click on suep.exe to run it. It would place a lock icon in the notification area of Windows. You can double-click on this icon to open the Easy Password window.

SmartUtils Easy Password : Generate Secure Passwords for All Sites

You have to type in your master password in the master password text box. Then type in the full site URL (including http:// or https://) in the site url text box. Now you can click on the Generate button to see the secure password for that site. As long as the master password and site URL stay same, the generated password also would be the same, each time you generate it.

In the options, which are also shown in the same window, you can choose to save the master password (not recommended) and automatically run Easy Password each time Windows starts.

Easy Password has a very simple approach of using one master password to generate secure passwords for many sites. But since the site URL is a public knowledge, a hacker only has to know your master password to access all your site passwords. So you must take extreme precaution not to reveal this master password to anyone.

You can download SmartUtils Easy Password from