Fun Switcher : Make Some Noise!

Are you bored? Do you wanna make some noise? If you nodded yes to both of these questions, then its time you start using the Fun Switcher site. Fun Switcher is a fabulous website that allows you to make a mixture of different sounds and create a crazy mix of your own. There are hundreds of sounds ranging from bells and songs to TV shows and cartoons.

Using Fun Switcher is as easy as opening your web browser. If you know how to open a website then you know how to raise some hell with Fun Switcher. You can visit Fun Switcher at their web site Once you have opened the website, then you would realize why its called Fun Switcher – because it has switches to turn on the fun!

Fun Switcher

On the main page are hundreds of switches that you can toggle on to start playing the respective sounds. You can search the sounds using the search box given on the top of the page. Additionally, the sounds are categorized in various categories like movies, internet, music, noise, games, TV shows and cartoons (most fun is in the Noise category). You can play five different sounds at the same time by toggling on their switches. As soon as you switch on a sound, you would see a big red emergency button in the lower left corner of the browser window. You can use this emergency button to stop all the sounds you are playing at once.

Fun Switcher is a nice place to have some fun with friends and give some trouble to your neighbors. The favorite section of this website includes some incredible sounds that would surely make you smile – like Benny Hill, Gangnam Style, Atatata, Baby Laughter, Nature and so on. I am sure that the internet based private Radio DJ’s are also going to find this website immensely useful. So what are you waiting for? Visit and let the hell break loose!

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  1. Well,I think that the engine sounds are the loudest whenever I ,mix
    them up to make engine sounds for my Hotwheels race cars!!!!

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