iDisplay : Turn Your Smartphone into Secondary Monitor

If you have a smaller monitor or your monitor is just filled with all kinds of windows and programs and you wish that you had another monitor, then do not worry – iDisplay is here to rescue. iDisplay is a powerful application for Windows and Mac that lets you turn your smartphone or tablet into a secondary monitor. It supports both the Android and iPhone mobile devices and is completely free of charge. This way you can shift less important applications to your smartphone or tablet and make your desktop monitor less cluttered.

The software works on the principle that two is better than one and cites a research done in the University of Utah about how people using two monitors are 44% more efficient and productive than the people using just one computer. The software has two components to be installed – one on your desktop computer (whether Mac or PC) and another on your mobile device (whether Android or iPhone/iPad).

iDisplay : Turn Your Smartphone into Secondary Monitor

After installing the applications on your desktop computer and your mobile device, you can connect them through USB cable or over WiFi. After the connection has been established, the mobile device would appear as a secondary monitor in the desktop computer which you can use either as an extension of the monitor or as a mirror of the primary monitor. You can connect upto 36 different mobile devices to a single desktop computer.

iDisplay has multiple uses. You can use it as a control for the media being played on the main monitor – turning it into an advanced remote control (like the ones you see in the StarGate SG1 series). You can also use it to shift distrations like Twitter and Facebook to the small mobile device screen. You can use it to watch a movie being played on your main screen while enjoying the aromated warm water in your bathtub. And if you want to see what your roommate does on your desktop computer behind your back, you can use iDisplay to watch your desktop screen over the WiFi on your smartphone.

You can download iDisplay from