How to Extract Images from PDF files using Nitro PDF Reader

I had some PDF files and I wanted to extract the images embedded inside them so that I can edit them in a graphics editor. There are many tools available on the internet that may help you extract images from PDF files, like Some PDF Images Extract software that we posted about earlier. But Nitro PDF Reader is the best for this purpose. Nitro PDF Reader is a free PDF viewer that also has a feature to extract images from PDF files.

If you have not installed Nitro PDF Reader on your system, then you can visit the Nitro Reader website, download the latest version and install on your system. Nitro PDF Reader is available for Windows – both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Once you have installed Nitro PDF Reader on your computer, you can start extracting images from PDF files using the following steps:

  1. Open a PDF file that you want to extract images from in Nitro PDF Reader.
  2. In Nitro PDF Reader toolbar, select the Home tab and then click on the Extract Images button as shown,

    Extract Images from PDF files using Nitro PDF Reader

  3. This would open the Extract Images window. Here you can select the PDF file (currently open PDF file is automatically selected). You can select the output folder (by default, the same folder where PDF file is located, is selected).

    Extract Images from PDF files using Nitro PDF Reader

  4. By clicking on the Options button in the Extract Images window, you can also select the output image format of the image files. You can choose the file format for color and monochrome images separately. You can select image formats from TIF, BMP, JPG and PNG.

    Extract Images from PDF files using Nitro PDF Reader

  5. Finally, click on the Extract button and Nitro PDF Reader would extract all the images from the selected PDF. You can view the extracted images from the output folder.

Nitro PDF Reader is different from other PDF viewer applications because it adds many extra features like the ability to extract text and images. It enables you to save all images contained in a PDF document as separate files to any folder or destination without modifying the original PDF file. It allows you to select the image format (BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF) differently for both the color and monochrome images. Nitro Reader can even choose the most appropriate format for each image if you select the Optimal option.

You can download Nitro PDF Reader from