OmniDrive : Search Google Drive from Chrome OmniBar

Google Drive is an online cloud storage service from Google which allows you to store upto 5 gigabytes of data for free. If you want more storage then you can pay for additional storage space. Google also offers free Google Drive Client software for Windows and Mac which allows you to manage your documents, files and other data on the Google Drive. But if you want to quickly search your Google Drive for files, then you can make use of the OmniDrive extension for Google Chrome.

OmniDrive is a Chrome browser extension which adds support to the omnibar (Chrome’s address bar) to search in Google Drive. You can download and install this extension from Google Webstore. Once installed in Google Chrome browser, you can start searching your Google Drive for files. You must be logged into your Google account for it to work. The first time you try to use it, it asks for permission to access Google Drive.

OmniDrive : Search Google Drive from Chrome OmniBar

Once you have given permission to OmniDrive extension, it is ready to be used. To search for a file or document, just type drive, then press the Spacebar key on your keyboard and then type the search keyword. Instead of Spacebar, you can also press the Tab key. OmniDrive would immediately list the found files as drop-down list in the address-bar itself.

OmniDrive : Search Google Drive from Chrome OmniBar

This is great if you have to quickly open or view a file you have stored in your Google Drive account. Since Google Chrome has inbuilt PDF viewer, you can quickly search a PDF file in your Google Drive and click on the results to view it right inside Google Chrome browser. For the file types not supported natively by Google Chrome, this extension can be used to download them quickly on your computer.

You can download and install OmniDrive extension from

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