SSDLife Free : Check Health of Your SSD Drive

More and more computers are coming with a solid state drive (SSD) these days owing to their very fast speed and smaller energy consumption. Most people do not realize that SSD drives have a fixed lifespan, after which they just stop working. To keep your data safe, it is essential for you to keep an eye on the health status of your SSD drive. The SSDLife Free utility can show you the health related information about your SSD drive so that you can backup your data before your SSD drive fails to work.

Here are some of the features of SSDLife Free:

  • Supports health monitoring for IDE, SATA and SCSI interfaces.
  • Display the drive’s health, temperature, resources and free space.
  • Display hard disk activities in the system tray.
  • Shows health status immediately after first run.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It can automatically update itself to a newer version.

SSDLife Free is developed by Binary Sense and you can download SSDLife Free from their website. The download is around 2 megabytes in size and available in form of a portable application. You just have to download the ZIP archive, extract the contents to a folder and run SSDlife_Free.exe from there.

SSDLife Free : Check Health of Your SSD Drive

SSDLife Free displays comprehensive information about your SSD drives. It shows information about total work time, drive age and number of times it was powered on since the first installation. It also provides the overall health of your SSD as reported by the drive and estimates the expected lifetime of your drive which is calculated depending on the amount of data written to the drive. The health status is shown in form of a progress bar. A green status means your SSD is okay, a yellow or red health status needs your attention.

If the health status of your hard disk is needing attention, then its time you create a backup of your data on that SSD and replace it with a new SSD. You can use Auslogics BitReplica or PureSync to create a backup of your data on the SSD.

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