Toolbar Cleaner: Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Browsers

Many of the programs today come with some extras like toolbars that get installed in your browsers along with the main program. Some of the Windows users have multiple toolbars installed in their web browsers which they seldom or never use. Removing these toolbars can be overwhelming and daunting task for an average user as it often requires the use of system tools like registry editor. Thanks to Toolbar Cleaner, now you can easily remove unwanted toolbars from your web browser.

Some of the features of Toolbar Cleaner are:

  • Can remove toolbars from web browsers with single click.
  • Can remove Windows startup programs.
  • Supports major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
  • Free to use.

You can download Toolbar Cleaner from their website. The download is around one megabytes and is in form of a setup installer. During the setup it prompts you to install Anti-phishing Domain Advisor on your system and change your browser’s home page which you can choose to decline.

Toolbar Cleaner: Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Browsers

After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut. The application is pretty simple to use. When run, it displays a window with a list of all the toolbars you have installed in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. On my test system, it detected the Yahoo! Toolbar installed in Internet Explorer.

Toolbar Cleaner: Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Browsers

If you want to uninstall a toolbar from the ones shown in the list, just place a checkmark in the checkbox shown next to it. You can also double-click on the browser name to select or un-select all the toolbars for it. You can select more than one toolbars to be removed in a single go. You can also click on the Select all button to select all the displayed toolbars for all browsers. Then click on the Remove Selected Toolbar(s)/BHO(s) button.

After a confirmation, all the selected toolbars shall be removed from your browser. But there might still be files related to those toolbars on your system which you can remove by running the uninstall program of those toolbars. Toolbar Cleaner also prompts you to show the Windows Control Panel in case you want to run those uninstallers. You might have to restart web browsers and Windows for complete cleanup.

In addition to the toolbars, you can also remove/disable the programs that automatically start with Windows. Under the tab labeled Windows Startup you can find all the auto-starting programs.

Toolbar Cleaner: Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Browsers

To stop a program from being automatically starting everytime you logon to Windows, select it from the list and click on the Remove Selected Startup Items button. Be careful not to disable/remove a program required by Windows or other third party utilities from being starting with Windows. It is advised that you research about the target program on the Internet or or just ask us on TrishTech Forums.

You can download Toolbar Cleaner from