Jet Screenshot: Capture Screen and Share on the Web

There are many programs, like Hypersnap and SnagIt, that can take the screenshots of your PC screen, edit and save them as image files. But if you want to share the captured screenshots with others, then you have to manually upload them to an image sharing websites like Flickr or TinyPic etc. Jet Screenshot, a free screen capture program, makes the sharing of screenshots pretty easy. It allows you to capture your PC screen and easily share it online with others without any trouble. With Jet Screenshot, you can share screenshots using their own image hosting service, or upload to an FTP server.

Jet Screenshot can be downloaded from their website. The download is around 3 megabytes and is a setup installer. After the installation, it puts an icon in the notification area of your Windows. You can right-click on the system tray icon and select Change Settings to open the Jet Screenshot options.

Jet Screenshot

In the settings, you can choose the options for the capture hotkeys (different hotkeys for different types of screen capture – entire desktop, an active window or a selected region), watermarking, anti-aliasing, JPEG compression and automatically starting Jet Screenshot with Windows. You can also change the share options where you can set the web sharing (through Jet Screenshot website – required free registration), share to an FTP server, save to a file or copy to the clipboard.

Jet Screenshot

To capture the screen, you can press one of the hotkeys or use the context-menu of the system tray icon. After screen is captured, a tiny edit window opens up allowing you to do some basic editing like drawing rectangles, circles, arrows and text. After editing, you can select an option from the left side dropdown listbox to share it online, save to a local file or copy it to the clipboard.

Jet Screenshot

Jet Screenshot is a simple and easy to use screen capture utility that enables you to quickly share screen captures online or save to a local image file. The screenshots can be shared via the Jet Screenshot web sharing service or uploaded to your FTP server. Once the file is uploaded, it automatically copies the HTTP link to the clipboard which you can share with friends over email, facebook or twitter.

You can download Jet Screenshot from