Save to Drive Extension: Save Any File to Google Drive

Google has come up with a new extension for Chrome browser called Save to Drive. This extension allows you to save just about any file to your Google Drive account. You can save not only offline by online files directly to your Google Drive account. Using this extension, you can save pictures on a webpage, entire webpage, captured screenshot of a webpage etc. to your Google Drive storage.

The Save to Drive extension is developed by Google Chrome team and is therefore very reliable and safe to use. It adds a browser action to save a web page to your Google Drive. It also a right-click context menu to save hyperlinks, documents and media. After the installation of Save to Drive extension in your Chrome browser, you can start right-clicking on any hyperlink, image or just about any content on a webpage and select Save to Google Drive as shown in the picture below.

Save to Drive Extension

As soon as the file is saved to your Google Drive account, you would see the saved file in your Google Drive where you can rename it, view it or share it with other people. If you want to save an entire webpage, then visit that webpage and then click on the Save to Drive icon in the Google Chrome toolbar as shown.

Save to Drive Extension

By default, a webpage is saved in form of a PNG image file. The Save to Drive extension takes the snapshot of the complete webpage and saves it in a PNG file to your Google Drive storage. In the options for Save to Drive extension, you can change the settings to save the entire webpage as PNG, save the visible page as PNG, save only the HTML source, save the MHT web archive or save in Google Document format.

Save to Drive Extension

This is a welcome extension from the Google Chrome team. Earlier you had to first download a file to your hard disk and then upload it to your Google Drive account. But now you can save any online file or webpage directly to your Google Drive account. This not only saves your time but also avoids the unnecessary use of the internet bandwidth.

You can download Save to Drive extension from Google Webstore at