Telify: Convert Phone Numbers into Clickable Links in Firefox

In the contact information page on various websites, you often find the phone numbers of different organizations. Unlike the website and email addresses, the telephone numbers are not clickable. How much easier your life would be if these telephone numbers were clickable, so that you could click on them and automatically dial them in an application like Skype or Netmeeting. Thanks to Telify addon for Firefox, this is now possible. Telify recognizes phone numbers on web pages and in email messages and converts them to clickable links.

After the installation of the Telify addon in your Firefox browser, when you open a webpage containing phone numbers, you would find that they are now clickable and highlighted with light yellow color. If the phone number already has a country code prepended to it, then you can click on it to dial it in Skype. If the telephone number does not have any country code, then clicking on it would open a menu from where you can choose a country code or manually enter a code.

Telify : Convert Phone Numbers into Clickable Links in Firefox

By default, it would use Skype for calling the telephone numbers. But you can change the dialing application in the Telify options. You can open the Telify options from the Addons page (about:addons). In the Telify options you can choose the protocol from skype: (for Skype), callto: (for Netmeeting), tel:(used by a huge number of CTI (computer telephony integration) applications), sip: (used by many SIP apps) and phone: (used by many VoIP apps).

Telify : Convert Phone Numbers into Clickable Links in Firefox

There are some other very useful functions like suppressing your own country code, replacing + international code scheme with 00 scheme (e..g., it converts +1 to 001), highlighting the phone numbers on a webpage or email message, showing recently used country codes and so on.

So if you are tired of copy/pasting telephone numbers into Skype or even worse – typing them manually, then you can install Telify addon in your Firefox browser and live a much easier life. Telify supports almost all the VoIP applications and even allows to add a customized protocol of your own. Not only this addon saves your precious time, but it also saves you from dialing a mistyped telephone number. This addon is a must for every Skype user.

You can download and install Telify addon from