Create Backups with Free Backup Maker in Windows

Windows comes with a backup feature of its own, but if you want more features and options then you can go for the free Backup Maker software. Backup Maker is free for private personal use. It allows you to create automatic backups of your data whether on-demand, at scheduled times or at certain events like at logoff or logon etc. It features compression of your data using ZIP, password protection and encryption of your data using the strong AES 256-bit cipher.

Here are some of the features of the free Backup Maker software :

  • Creates compressed archives of backups
  • Can password protect and encrypt your data
  • Allows to backup on external media like CD/DVD
  • Allows to backup on FTP server with support for SSL
  • Can create spanned backup volumes
  • Can create full, partial or combined backups
  • It is fully automatic
  • Backup can be triggered by events like logoff, USB insertion, at specific time
  • Can backup files currently in use
  • It is completely free

You can download Backup Maker from the ASCOMP website. The download is available as an installer setup program of around 6.5 megabytes. After the installation it automatically launches the Backup Maker app, but you can also start it by double-clicking on it’s desktop shortcut. You can click on the big Backup button to create a new backup task and add it to the list. Clicking on the Backup button (or the Add button to the right of the backup jobs list) would launch a backup task wizard which would guide you through different steps of backup creation.

Create Backups with Free Backup Maker in Windows

The backup task creation wizard would take you through tweleve different steps: data selection (select which files or folders you want to backup), filter options (which files you want to include in or exclude from the backed), automation (events or time when the backup would be triggered), guarantee (catch up on missed backup events), backup type (full or partial backup), extended settings (whether to overwrite older backups or create another instance), security settings (password protection and encryption), start properties (whether to backup after confirmation), actions after or before the backup, whether you want spanned backups, selection of the target folder, drive, FTP or media and finally the name of the backup.

Create Backups with Free Backup Maker in Windows

Once the backup task has been created, you can select it from the list of backup jobs in the main Backup Maker window and click on the Play button. This would immediately launch the backup job and perform the backup task. A report would be shown to you at the end of the backup job. However, if you want to choose whether to perform full or partial backup, you can right-click on a backup job in the list and select Selected backups → Execute and then select partial or full backup. You can select more than one backup jobs at the same time as well.

Create Backups with Free Backup Maker in Windows

You do not need any other software for restoring files from a backup. If you want to restore from a backup, then all you have to do is click on the big Restore button and select your backup file. This would start a backup restore wizard where you have to select a target folder and which files/folders you want to restore. After that all the selected files are restored quickly.

If you do not like the Windows backup feature and/or want more features from your backup software, then free Backup Maker is an ideal choice for you. Backup Maker is a very easy to use backup software and provides extensive set of options. It can compress, password protect and encrypt your data. It can create spanned backups on local hard disk, optical media and FTP servers. It supports both full and partial backups.

You can download Backup Maker from…/backupmaker.

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