How to Disable Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 comes with the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explore (version 10) pre-installed. Internet Explorer 10 has many new features and is primarily designed for the new Modern interface (previously called Metro interface) of Windows 8. It has a new feature to send the DNT (do not track) header to all websites. What this DNT feature does is asks all websites not to track your website usage which they can use to provide you with improved user experience. If you want to disable this Do Not Track feature from Internet Explorer 10, then you can follow these easy steps :

  1. Switch to Windows Desktop by pressing Windows logo key on your keyboard once. Then open Internet Explorer from the taskbar shortcut.
  2. In the Internet Explorer window, you would see a gear like icon near the top-right corner. Click on this gear-like icon and select Internet Options from the menu that appears.

    Disable Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

  3. This would open the Internet Options window. In this window, select the Advanced tab. There would be a big list of options. Scroll down to the Security group. Un-check the checkbox labeled Always send Do Not Track header*.

    Disable Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

  4. Click OK to save the settings. You would have to restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

The Do Not Track feature helps you surf the internet without being tracked. Even though Internet Explorer sends the DNT request to websites, it all depends on the different websites if they want to honor this request. Some websites may use this tracking to serve with personalized features by studying your usual browsing behavior. But if you think it is invasion of your privacy then you can leave the Do Not Track feature turned on in Internet Explorer 10.